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Fingerprinting in Dorking - evidence of malicious and hate mail, Identification for Criminal Records checks, Fingerprint evidence of theft. Telephone 01306 519275 or email

Corporate Investigation dorking & surrey

Answers Investigation have their own fingerprint facility, in-house


Malicious Mail is a hurtful weapon used by people who do not wish you to know who they are. Identifying the culprit can ensure it ceases and resolve an emotionally damaging campaign. Treating the paper (or other items) often provides the unchallengeable evidence that shows who has sent it - even if the perpetrator has taken steps to try to ensure their prints are not on the itme


We take fingerprints for identification applications to the FBI, for South Africa, Dubai and other overseas countries who require a copy of your prints for verification, cheaper and quicker than the local Police and, if required, with the conveniencw of being taken in your office or residence


Theft is a serious issue and it may be something that either the local Police do not have time for, or a matter which you wish to contain

On-scene examination, or laboratory examination of a suspect item, will produce fingerprints that are evidentially finite

Corporate Investigation dorking & surrey

Fingerprinting has many applications in a business environment in matters of theft, industrial espionage, or for criminal records checks

Private Investigation

The application of fingerprint techniques will determine the originator of hate mail, or establish the perpetrator of a theft at home


Legal firms working with corporate and private clients use our fingerprint services to obtain evidence in litigation & other matters

computer investigation dorking

Computer Forensics, again an in-house service, support forensic fingerprint applications

Private Investigator

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