Corporate Investigation

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Corporate Investigation Dorking

Commercial Investigation in Dorking & Surrey of employees, fraud, computer forensics, resolving many of the more uncommon problems for business owners

We handle issues with employees, are adept in surveillance, and have our own in-house computer forensic facility - which also caters for fingerprinting requirements

We trace people with whom you need to be in contact and are positioned to handle any corporate investigation matter

Employee problems dorking

A company's Employees can be their most valuable asset - or the agent that is the most damaging. Covert surveillance uncovers the truth about a staff members sickness, moonlighting or other activity

surveillance dorking

Discreet surveillance of an employee's activity that can be compared to their version of their whereabouts. Observation locally in Dorking is helped by our thorough knowledge of the area

tracing people dorking

With years of experience in tracing people it is rare for us to fail. Everyone is findable - whether it is an ex-employee, or someone with whom a person in your business is in contact

computer investigation dorking

Whether the subject computer is in Dorking or elsewhere in the country, we run a full forensic computer examination that will rebuild all files on the computer, be they images, videos or documents, and build a comprehensive timeline of events


Fingerprinting is a forensic science that produces irrefutable evidence that will determine a culprit or wrongdoer. We also use our fingerprinting skills to record fingerprints for FBI and FINRA criminal records clearance

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