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With an interesting story to tell, we are often featured in news locally and further afield. More can be seen on the media page of our main website

Dorking Advertiser private Investigator

Local newspaper The Dorking Advertiser feature two of our Investigators and their day to day work

Dorking Advertiser Private Investigator

The Dorking Advertiser reporting on local girl Olivia Ellenger nominated for FSB 'Employee of the Year'

The Ashcombe School Careers Fair

Private Detectives talking to students at their school careers fair in Dorking

Eagle Radio Biz Award Winner

Local Investigator wins Eagle Radio's 'Young person in business' award

Surrey Private Investigator finalists Surrey Business Award

Enjoying a gala dinner as recognition in the finals of the Toast of Surrey Business Awards

Surrey Private Investigator finalists Surrey Business Award

Reported in the Surrey Advertiser, finalists for our Apprentice Scheme

Surrey Private Investigator wins Surrey Business Award

FSB Business of the Year in Surrey Life magazine

Surrey Advertiser reports on the work of a modern Surrey Private Investigator

Getting clued up with the Surrey Advertiser

Private Investigator Lauren Parker Apprentice of the year surrey advertiser

Lauren Parker a finalist for 'Apprentice of the Year'

FSB Business Awards Winner

Winning the FSB Awards for Business Innovation

Surrey Hills Business Expo Private Investigator Sherlock

Sherlock investigates the Surrey Hills Expo

Surrey Advertiser Sherlock

Findinf Sherlock at Dorking Business Expo

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