Tracing People

Tracing missing persons, tracing beneficiaries, tracing people in commerce. Call us on 01306 519275 or email

Tracing people locating missing persons

We trace missing persons, debt abscondees, birth parents or adopted children, the beneficiaries to wills. We often have very little to go on - even as little as a christian name, which means the task of identifying someone first. It is all achievable.

If you know the name of the person concerned, the process can be straightforward; sometimes it may be more complex. We will keep you informed and give you an idea of likely cost first

We can almost certainly help, even if you have just a small amount of information; often the issue is not finding someone, it is which 'John Smith' is the right one

Corporate Investigation dorking & surrey

Finding a debt absconder or identifying the person your employee is talking to, who may be from a competitor - information will protect your business

Private Investigation

You may need us to find your child given up for adoption, or an ex-tenant who owes you money - our tracing expertise will track them down


Many legal firms use our tracing services to track down the beneficiaries of a will, or the debt absconder of a client

Private Investigator

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